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The Add-Ins here are designed for users of hosting that doesn’t have PHP or MySQL support and users of hosting that does too! They can be used on any type of hosting as the main processes are generated on HostedMe.co.uk and are displayed on your site via iframes and/or javascript.

The configuration of each add-in is easy to set-up via your own dedicated control panel and all the code you need to install on your site pages is created for you, so you do not need any HTML or Coding knowledge at all.

You can add up to 4 additional users to your account. These additional users cannot change any configuration or view any of your sensitive account data. They can however, add/edit records on your events panel etc and make posts to your blog etc (depending upon which services you have selected).

All updates to your add-ins are made on-line via your dedicated control panel, so you can make changes anywhere you have access to a computer and the Internet..


You can order online via PayPal or Credit Card and can subscribe Monthly, Quarterly or Annually. You can cancel any add-in at any time, either via your PayPal Account or by contacting HostedMe from within your account.

All payments are recurring payments, automatically collected via PayPal as per your subscription choice, and are processed as RichoSoft.

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